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BOY WONDER: The Possibility Of A Childhood PDF Print E-mail
Written by Medialeft GB Administration   
Monday, 25 April 2016 13:09

keith harmon snow -

The photographs showing glimpses of our son's first 30 months of life are complemented by text that situates his existence in a white privileged post-modern materialist culture, in sharp juxtaposition to the lives of children whose childhoods have been stolen.  Please enjoy and ponder this exhibit, treating it as a meditation on being.
Thank you to those people who have supported our urgent FundRazr campaign (STOP GUNFIRE IN OUR COMMUNITY link below) to help my family recover from the financial burdens of our struggle to stop gunfire and explosions in our rural community in Williamsburg MA continues.  (Probably Christmas and New Years wasn't the best time to launch this campaign but waiting was not a helpful option either.  Please feel free to follow the link below and engage the campaign to get some idea of the hardship this has caused us and the depths and darkness of this struggle. WWe went up against militarization and violence, and we prevailed, to a great degree, but the emotional, psychological and financial cost was great.  Please also feel free to circulate and forward this appeal to others.

As the weather and planet heats up, I hope you will take refuge in the awareness that all life is fleeting, and everything we do will be meaningless, but we must do it.


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